About Steven

I’m a husband, father, pilgrim, student, poet, singer/songwriter, pastor, worship leader, trombonist, guitarist, missionary, incessant collector of books, and lover of music (ALL music).

I am awed and brought to tears by the beauty of nature, the laughter of a child, and the thought that even though my wife knows all my faults, she loves me anyway.

And while there are those days that I doubt every shred of faith in me and wonder whether there is a God at all, I am deeply convinced that there is. Although I cannot fathom why this God would have time to care about me, I am convinced that God does and this truth provides me with some direction in the chaos. I have committed my life to seeking God and to helping others in their quest of finding meaning through a relationship with God.

I have degrees from multiple universities, but my greatest education has come from the many pilgrims I have met along the way who have allowed me to share life with them.

I currently enjoy teaching the Bible and Theology to a wonderful church in GA.