I know, it’s all the world needs – another blog from a worship leader about what we are doing at our church.  I just know that I spend many hours each week planning for worship and find it very useful when I can borrow ideas from fellow worship leaders to make our worship more meaningful.  I plan on posting resources that we have created for others to use (if they find it useful) and I hope that others may add their ideas as well so that we can all work together for the Kingdom of God.

I serve as Minister of Music and Mission in a relatively rural church near Winston-Salem, NC.  As a city-boy, I have had to earn trust as I have been ministering here for the past six years.  My congregation has been very open and willing to allow me to experiment and we have all grown through the experience.  I am grateful for their patience with me for this long and the gift of allowing me to try new things to help us worship more fully.  My prayer is that somebody might find this blog useful and that they may be able to use some of these resources in their own church.  Soli Deo Gloria!