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Our pastor has been doing a series on Sunday mornings called “More or Less” in which he is talking about what our church should be about.  The four parts are:

1. Less Events, More Relationships
2. Less Ya’ll Come, More We All Go
3. Less Law, More Grace
4. Less Meetings, More Ministry
As we kicked off this series, we focused on the importance of relationships and on busting the myth that “A busy church is a healthy church.”
One of the ways that we tried to highlight this was through the order of worship (the bulletin).  We are a more traditional church that uses a bulletin every week chocked full of announcements, a calendar of events, prayer list, etc.  When people came in to the worship service on this particular Sunday, they got what looked like a normal bulletin, but when they opened it up, there was a list of all the names of everyone who is on the membership role at our church.  Instead of placing the focus on the events of the week, we wanted people to see the persons that make up our congregation.  We wanted to focus on, what is now becoming a little cliche, the fact that we are human beings, not human doings.
For a number of people, they didn’t realize how many “members” had not come in a long time and had fallen through the cracks.  For new people, they knew folks on that list and didn’t realize they had ever come to this church (or any church for that matter).  All in all, it gave our congregation an opportunity to put aside the “busyness” for a little while and focus on the meaningful depth of what it means to be the body of Christ.
Then we canceled our normal Sunday evening worship in favor of encouraging everyone to get together with some other church member to fellowship together (sharing dinner, going over to one another’s home, etc.).  All in all, it was a very good Sunday, worth the extra effort!