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Transferring a couple of posts from an old blog to this one.  This is a repost from 2007.

Though the taste of death

Lingers bitterly on my lips

It is not the death

That my heart longs for,

Not the death that imparts life,

Not the death that merely waits:

Three days in a tomb

Three days alone

Three days of silence

Twenty six years of longing.

This death in me

Breeds only its progeny –

this temporary decay

Is swallowed in its closing jaws

Of eternal damnation.

O how I long for You:

To be found in You

To be lost in You

To know the death

That only immersion can bring.

May the stripes heal

The water purify

The blood cover

The death forgive.

May I be found in You –

Dead to this flesh

Alive in Yours.