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Transferring a couple of posts from an old blog to this one.  This is a repost from 2006.

“Some are able to use their anger

as a bridge back to God,

but many more set their bridges on fire,

denying the presence of God

with all the fury of a rejected lover.”*


You drove me to this –

night after night, sitting up late

expecting you to come home.

It was the distance that pushed me

farther away

A companion desired

A lover expected

A cold shoulder received

My vioce echoing into the emptiness


But it’s all a lie

For hate betrays the Truth

My heart seeks to embrace

And the anger –

marking the betrayal

Of Your torturous silence.


And yet it was Your grace that filled the silence

Your love impregnating the stillness

Your care engulfing my ignorance

Your steadfast devotion

That turned a deaf ear

to selfish, egocentric vanity

It was grace that You did not answer

With words that would peirce

Despite their unavoidable truth:

“I didn’t go anywhere;

It was you that moved.”

Yes, I am thankful

For the silence

*Opening quote from The Preaching Life by Barbara Brown Taylor

poem written by Steven Norris, 2006